Using Google Chrome, a Web Designer’s Experience, Part 4: Bookmark’s Toolbar

Browser testing is essential, and I use a wonderful online browser testing solution from Cross Browser Testing. It has this great feature where you can add a Javascript booklet to your toolbar, visit the page you want to test, click the booklet and it’ll open up a VPN connection to the machine / browser combination of your choice. The process is so incredibly simple that it makes browser testing as easy as Tony Hawk’s video game empire made skateboarding for posers.

Firefox Bookmark DropdownFirefox has a bookmarks toolbar, and it can be customized wonderfully to take up very little space (see the picture to the right.) What you’re seeing there a simple » button which you can click to bring up a dropdown menu showing whatever bookmarks you’d like to display therein. I click the CBT booklet and I’ve fixed any errors in IE7 before the cows got the memo to come home.

For whatever reason, Google Chrome feels like the bookmarks should only be accessed from a new, blank page, or from the menu way up there in the File Edit View… bar. If I wanted to travel so far north every time I needed a bookmark, I’d open a Border’s in Greenland.

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