How to Remove the White Background from your Facebook Profile Picture Template

This is primarily for business or band pages (or anyone who uses a logo vs. a picture of themselves) on Facebook. Have a look at the image below. In Facebook’s current layout, the Heinz ketchup bottle pops up above the blue header background, with a white, borderless background.

Heinz Ketchup on Facebook

I think it looks a little unfinished like that, and I recently had a client who disliked the look enough as to ask me to change it, so I came up with a simple solution that allows you to remove the white background from your Facebook profile picture, like in the image to the right.

In that example, I’ve simply got the logo below the blue background, but you could experiment and do all types of fun things. Have a look at the modified Heinz Ketchup Facebook profile picture below for an idea (and further down for my Photoshop Template so you can make your own).

Download the Photoshop File (ZIP, 52Kb)

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