WordPress Help Live Review

I’ve been building websites for a decade now, and WordPress sites in particular for at least 60% of those years. Still, I occasionally come across some little bothersome twitch with WP that I just can’t seem to figure out, and that no decent Google search will be seen with in public. After running into one of those situations the other day, and five or six hours spent trying to figure out how to get around it, I decided to seek help outside of myself and the big G.

Of course, everyone knows that the free support forums on WordPress.org will have you waiting months if you’re even lucky enough to get a response from someone, so I turned to paid support. After looking at WP’s VIP paid support offerings and their starting price of $15,000 / month, I was God awful happy to find WordPress Help Live.

Now, this is only my first experience using their site, but they came through like champs. For $79 I got to chat with a live tech and submit a support request. The same guy I chatted with also seemed to be the one who fixed my problem. They’ve changed their pricing in the last couple of days, but it’s actually cheaper / hour, you just have to buy more hours.

$119 gets you three hour of support.

$299 gets you 9 hours.

They promise to get back to you in one hour, but I submitted my request around 3pm Pacific and they got back to me just before 1am. Still, the solution they came up with worked perfectly, so I didn’t mind the wait (and would have actually been pretty surprised if they’d gotten back to me in under 61 minutes flat). I’d highly recommend them for any developers out there who just need a little shot of adrenaline sometimes.

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