8 Year Old Blues

I was as young as I had ever been
They tell me it was a Monday, like no Monday i had ever seen
And as the daylight and I first said hello
My mom counting up all my fingers and toes
Who could have thought how the years migrate
Us away, I still remember how it felt at 8
And as the second hand always seemed so loud
I still remember wishing how I could just so slow it down

I used to get concerned with not having lived enough
Working my first job out of college making half empty cups
Thinking how it had all passed me by
Until some stranger at some bar said, “Boy you’re only 25”

Since then I’ve seen a helluva lot of road signs
Watched New Years Eve rise over the Mexican side
Even quit up that old job and crossed something you might’ve heard
The Atlantic ocean on a big tin bird
About every two years or so it seems
I get around to getting around to making true another one of my dreams
And oh, look at that, in about two weeks
It’ll be two years again so maybe this time I’ll make a writer out of me

I used to make ok just an around the corner away
There were always friends there at my favorite other place
Where the bartender didn’t have to ask me what I’d like to drink
And someone always seemed at least half interested in what I had to think

We bought a round for ourselves, and one for the house
And spent twenty dollars on an Internet jukebox playing Modest Mouse
Wondering if that big city neighborhood lights
Would mind if we just went home and threw an old camp fire

So I’m happy to say, it’s been 9 years, 4 months to the day
Since I brought this little kid in who kinda looks a lot like me when I look at his face
And any one of these minutes that we’re counting down
My second number one son’s about to come around
They up and watch you as you watch them up and grow
Wondering if everything they know, is just everything you know
With a little bit of the rest of this world mixed in
You can’t mess them up, you can just break them in
And sure they take up all of your time
Filling bottles with milk where you might’ve liked to buy wine
But when they give you back that eight year old feeling, well it’s about time
We realized there’s something to making these little guys

So it’s nearly midnight here on this Pacific Coast
The ocean’s just getting started with it’s lady lunar mambo
And by the time we see the sun again and I’ve tied tomorrow’s shoes
I’ll be likely lucky enough to have chased away these old familiar 8 year old blues

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