I’d Rather Be Channel Surfing

No big woop, just coming to drop a little statistically relevant factual funtime knowledge.

You’ll probably spend 13 years of your life watching TV.

  • 99% of American households have at least one TV
  • Most of us have more than 3
  • 66% watch TV instead of talking to their family during dinner
  • 49% say they watch too much (but just keep on at it)

Now, some math that equals money.

  • 16 – 18 minutes of every hour of TV is commercials
  • That’s about 8 hours of commercials every week
  • Americans make, on average, about $22 / hour
  • You’re already paying a cable bill, so every commercial you watch is essentially you paying to have advertisers tell you about their product
  • If they paid you to learn about their product (as they should – um, they’re taking up your time), 8 hours of commercials at $22 / hour would net you $175 extra bucks a week

You’ll spend 3 1/2 years of your life watching commercials.

Stats compiled via Nielson Ratings, Wikipedia and my calculator.

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