A Photoshop Template of the WordPress Administrative Panels

Download a ZIP of the Photoshop File (PSD, 544kb)

I couldn’t find a template for the WordPress 2.7 – 3.1 (at least at the time of this writing) admin panels as a Photoshop file, so I spent the morning creating one. I’ll need this for an upcoming project, but hopefully it’ll be useful to you as well. The file contains:

  • The header, navigation and footer as vector panels, allowing you to easily create and modify things like the navigation bar.
  • Various types of panels for the content area, including the 50% panels (as seen on the Dashboard), wide panels (such as Custom Fields & Excerpts in the Write Post area), the complete Visual & HTML editor (including all buttons & the Upload / Insert icons), and the sidebar panels, with the Publish panel being the prime example.
  • Everything is created with vectors so you can easily scale it, with the notable exception being any icons (such as the Dashboard’s Home icon, Posts’ push pin icon, etc.) which I just grabbed directly from WP’s install on one of my sites.
WordPress admin panels as a PSD
A downloadable, editable Photoshop template for designing WordPress Admin screens

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