Meet the Internet, an Advertisement

Ads on the Web, God’s brother how I hate them! I would like to set up a little strategy session here with the entire internet, call it a brainstorming session and everyone with a blog is invited, but I am already aware of the outcome: less ads.

Firstly, yes, I know that ads are the price to be paid for free content. But if your content isn’t that great in the first place, and particularly if it isn’t your content, then please, eliminate yourself and/or your ads from the web altogether. Consider these two scenarios:

  1. I am trying to watch the Oscar-award nominated-and-probably-winning film The King’s Speech. I have a newborn child still on the breast, and therefore actually visiting the theater is out of the question. I go to but they’ve dropped the ball again; it’s apparently not available on iTunes yet either. Having exhausted all of my options, I turn to Google and search for it: Watch The King’s Speech Online. Now, yes I admit that I’m attempting to watch a (somewhat illegal) movie and that is a service, and one which I’m willing to pay for, and typically have to in the end – so why am I required to go through fifteen sites asking me to fill out surveys or buy a Facebook theme?
  2. I am looking for information on Katy Holmes latest addition to her wardrobe. Do you really need to have three Google Ads links, a banner ad, several Google Ads throughout the intro to the post and then a score of tiny square banner ads again, all before even getting to the post content? No one’s going to click your link for a free green Macbook. They don’t exist.

Thank you for agreeing, the Internet, I look forward to your prompt removal of all ads. You don’t want to go the way of the television, or worse, local radio, do you?

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