Level Up, Young Buck, This is Life We’re Living Through!

Just thinking over the past few days and years on the stages of realization we go through. Somewhere around 8 or 9 you realize, “Oh, I can lie to my parents. They don’t know everything.” (PS, don’t be fooled children of mine, I am the one parent who actually does.) And so on and so forth we proceed through phases of our lives gaining new knowledge, new revelations that lead us into the next portion of the maze with new tools and experience to navigate further, deeper in.

So yes, lying to your parents, figuring out that cooties aren’t real and if they were, you’d be glad to get them, sorting out how to live a life that doesn’t involve hating your job, discovering the true purpose of love, and various other things I may have learned and all the future ones that I likely still need to learn, these are all the big stone stairs leading up to the top of that mountain (the one where I think Stevie Nicks hopes you’ll turn around, and then she blasts your ass with a landslide! Take that fellow bandmates of hers.)

What I’d like to take a moment to discuss here, is how to approach those “big life lessons” when they so richly seemingly apply to the Internet. I’m specifically speaking of these conversations:

I am no longer going to blog about my daily life, or tweet about what I’m having for lunch. The Internet is so full of random useless information and I don’t want to contribute to that. I’m so awesome/holy/have really great hair.

Well, I bet you do have a majestic hairline and congratulations on realizing that perhaps blogging about your kitten on a daily basis or twitterizing the world with your every five seconds worth of thoughts isn’t exactly intriguing writing, but please recall as well that your revelations of what should and shant shouldn’t be posted to this here “the Internet” are every bit as welcome as those kitten caboodle comments and two in the afternoon tuna tataki tweets, so while you’re out having your revelations, please, let the rest of the world to have their lack of their owns.


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