All Up in my HTML5

Here’s a great webpage of a chapter of a book on the history of HTML. Truly nerderific, I know, but it’s also part of a great website of a book that makes learning about what HTML5 is–how difficult and or more likely easy it is going to be to implement–semi-entertaining, complete with ye ol’ public domain images reminiscent of a newspaper advertising the past that Abraham Lincoln (yes, thee Abe Lincoln) may have read.

I like that specific chapter in particular because it seems to state clearly that all of the semantic work we’ve put into XHTML over the past decade–the urging clients of its necessity, the millions of GB wasted on customized “XHTML-strict” banners–has all basically been thrown the way of “Oh well, who are we kidding? The world obviously isn’t going to do it so whatevs, let’s make video cooler and popup calendars easier.” Which is, somehow, a massive sigh of relief to humanity, as though we’ve finally been allowed to let loose our ties and add a little brandy to the punch.

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