On Copyright with Regards to Bloggers

If you are blogging on just about any free platform, including Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com or a self-hosted WordPress site, I encourage you to think about that “Copyright You or Your Company” tidbit that’s probably displayed somewhere on your website.

Think about it, you’re using software provided completely for free, to anyone willing to use it Dozens or thousands of people have contributed to that, spending their valuable time, and they’re giving it to you without charge. In all of the cases above, they’re purposely doing it, and continuing to update it into the future knowing you’re using it, in most cases, without paying them a dime.

But then you’re turning around and saying others can’t do the same with your content. I do realize that utilizing a free software platform and plagiarism are two different things, but perhaps in turn you could realize that paying it forward might not be the worst second thought? Particularly when folks are simply trying to quote you or include your content in their web application.

To those still in doubt, have you ever downloaded an mp3 illegally? Made a mix tape? Burned a CD?

Or how would you feel if you knew the cure for cancer, AIDS or the common cold were out there, but only to those who could afford it?

We are all beneficiaries of sharing, and had we listened to our mothers’ advice from day one, this world would be a better place for it.

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