Dear India et al. Outsources, No Thanks.

The majority of SPAM I receive which makes it through my Gmail filters is from companies in India who are asking me to outsource my work to their firm. They promise low rates in exchange for PSD to HTML or SEO services. I find it incredibly annoying, especially when they use my actual contact form and therefore leave me hesitant to mark them as SPAM in case it carries over to legitimate potential clients sending information via the form.

Why am I so against outsourcing?

On a very basic level, I find the idea of globalization rotten to the earth’s core. I know there are countless experts out there who could refute everything I have to say, but on the other hand, would the world’s economic situation be so dire if there was a such thing as an “expert”? Seems to me that there are more professional pocket liners and pundits happy to be paid to persuade us as to what went wrong, never really providing a plan to prevent the problems again.

From an economic standpoint, globalization aids poorer countries. They are willing to do for $1 where we would want $10. Goods and services in their country cost less because everyone is on a less grandiose scale. Yes, it can easily be argued that Americans, even our poor, live as well as kings from a few hundred years ago and certainly well above the truly abysmal conditions of some of the world’s most downtrodden areas. That said, I’m not here to run a man out of work down the street so that I can save the third world. Also, this is my country, and I’d like to keep things as jolly dandy as possible for myself, my family, the people I’ve known all of my life.

I don’t want to live in a country where we have only highly paid executives and the service industry that cleans their houses and brings them their food. I want an explosive variety of people. Web designers, artists, bartenders, craftsman, farmers, industrial designers, tech workers, musicians and mechanics. In fact, I could do without executives and management altogether, without big bankers and businesses that send all of those jobs I just mentioned overseas as soon as it becomes a possibility.

I’m not in this business to make as much money as I can before I die. I’m in it to make just enough money to support my family and I in our life, our adventures. Before the days when Wal*Mart and McDonalds peppered the landscape, well, it may be heyday nostalgia but it was simply a better life for everyone in my opinion. When the nation went to war, those left at home suffered with less materials, less wealth and people largely did their part even if they weren’t soldiers. Doctors came to your home if you needed them to do so. If a company went out of business, it meant a few employees needed to find a new job, not tens of thousands of lay offs, executive firings, followed by government bail outs and an almost immediate return to the same shady practices.

Through big business and losing sight of one another, we’ve done this to ourselves. We’ve homogenized the nation, and sent our hope overseas. This is precisely what outsourcing means to me: trading my neighbors own good fortune for that of some unseeable person across the globe. It means sacrificing quality, in nearly every situation I’ve encountered, for profit.

It’s disheartening to watch America implode on itself like this, and I refuse to be a part of it. We simultaneously keep our neighbor to the south impoverished, stocked with weapons and fighting over the drugs we have made illegal while at the same time pumping our money into Asia to supply us with an endless shipment of cheap plastic trash which will one day fill the Pacific joining our two nations. Only by then, China and India will have modernized while America has been reduced to a nation of politicians, the executives who pay them, and a handful of servants left to make martinis and deliver the room service.

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