The world is full of people and things that want to tear at your soul, bring you down to their level. I can be one of those people. I grow frustrated at a circumstance and the resulting reaction is anger. This is particularly easy to do over the phone or online, when there is a physical separation often of many miles and no actual face is in the room staring back at you.

I am obviously not a ludite given my profession, nor am I particularly inclined to having a pessimistic view of today vs. yesterday or the future. However, I do see a rising trend which quite likely will not subside for a long time: people simply not treating others like they would if they were in the same physical room.

Sending angry emails, making demands, throwing out accusations.

I am not innocent of such behavior. I am making an active effort to curb it on my own part, but as all habits of humanity, these things can take time.

However, I have no control (nor really wish to have) over others. When other people are downright rude in this world, the best thing to do is to eliminate them from your life. This may not always be possible for everyone, but given my particular lifestyle of freelancing and regular migration, it is pretty easy for me.

When you eliminate this garbage from your life, this extra weight being carried around on your conscience and / or spirit can quite literally be felt. Your chest loosens, you feel lighter. If you are a burden to me, you will be released at the first possible moment. It may affect you very little or indeed perhaps not at all. You in turn may feel a weight released from your small piece of this universe, and if that happens, I am happy for you.

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