Pain is all up in your noggin

Have you ever noticed how pain is circumstantial?

Stubbing a toe can elicit as much gasping desperation as cutting wide open your forearm. We wince in pain from a torn thumbnail dragging against a sock nearly as much as a needle stabbing our veins.

When I was a young farm boy, I rode my bike into a barbed wire fence at approximately 15mph. It hurt, but wasn’t until I saw my uncle and cousins ahead of me oblivious to the incident, and unaware unwilling to wait for me, that I began to cry.

My jaw was broken by a sucker punch to the back hinge as a teenager. The pain was not as great as the shock, but the six weeks of summer I had to endure a wired jaw was more painful than even the final pulling of wires, during which I had to forego anesthetics since I had eaten within the past 8 hours. I chose to have the wires ripped from my gums by pliers rather than endure another day of not being able to separate my upper teeth from their lower counterparts.

Relevant pain, it’s a psychological error of mankind.

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