How I Keep My iPhone Homescreen Clean and Clear of Clutter

This may seem like a silly notion to some, but just as I like to have as few physical possessions in the real world, I prefer to have as few apps as possible on my phone. Just because “there’s an app for that” doesn’t mean I need to lug it around in my pocket. And though it may seem like adding thousands of apps to your phone can in no way make it heavier, quite the opposite is true.

The more apps you have, the more sluggish your phone will become as it runs out of memory to do the little things it needs to all day. Rendering a web page, taking a photo, all of those nice animations, they all require your phone to be light and spry and ready to roll.

But how do you choose which apps to delete? Foursquare or Yelp!? Do I want to keep WordPress around? Do I ever really need to edit code on the go? Well, sometimes. Picking and choosing what to delete can be impossible, largely because we’re trained–in America at least–to be pack rats.

So what’s the best tip for deleting apps you don’t need?

It’s simple, fill up your phone’s camera roll, go somewhere beautiful, and when you get that “This iPhone does not have enough memory to take a picture” message, look at your apps and think: what can I delete that is less important than taking even one more picture of this (__insert something gorgeous here__).

Works for me everytime.

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