The United States by Regulations on Alcohol

While building the United States of Alcohol, a web app for Wand’rly Magazine which gives you quick access to laws for where you can buy alcohol, what types you can buy and when for every state in the US, I came across tons of interesting information.

For example, in Nevada, the state has a law which bans any smaller local municipality from making any law which would prevent people from being drunk in the streets. And there are a ton of states where you can buy alcohol for your underage kids or wife if you’d like. Heck, there are even states where underage drinking is legal, just not purchasing it.

I also put together this fun little infographic on which states have more or less severe laws when it comes to selling alcohol.


an infographic of the United States showing which states are more or less severe on alcohol sales
Brown states have few limitations on alcohol sales, including hard liquor. Pink states limit liquor sales but more or less take it easy on wine and beer. Yellow states primarily regulate everything except beer. Grey states are the most severe, requiring special stores even for the sale of beer. Maryland is in black, as it’s laws are handled by individual municipalities within the state.

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