Update Your Own Website and Save Yourself Precious Time, Money and Hair Follicles

This page is a bit out of date (10 years or so…) but never fear, I’ve got all of the information you’re looking for on Content Management Systems and the best of them all, WordPress, right here.

Alot of people think that they have to call up their web designer everytime they find a typo on their website or want to add a new product. I’m here to tell you that, my friends, that just isn’t the case!

There are these wonderful tools out there known as Content Management Systems (CMS for short) – they allow you to log in to a webpage with a username and password, browse through your website’s text, imagery and other files, and edit them yourself. And better yet, it’s as easy as using Microsoft Word or sending email! (Easier than the former, in fact.)

These systems, like most good product lines, come in a variety of shapes, size and price ranges, some in the tens of thousands. You, my friend (winkety wink) are in luck, because I just so happen to be one of those guys with a good deal for you. I can get you all setup with a CMS for around $3150. And that includes designing and building you a brand new website as well!

That’s $3150 dollars worth of never having to call your web designer to ask him to update your contact info, or change that old high school picture of you that’s been on your about page for the past ten years. That means you can post your latest news, sales and events info easily and whenever you want. And the CMS I’ll build for you is an open source project, which means that thousands of other users all over the world use a very similar system, and so it is endlessly expandable and very affordable to do so.

Want to learn more, give me a hollar and we’ll figure out what’s best for you. (Or have a look at the screenshots below for some instant gratification…)

The WordPress Page Management Screen
You can edit all of the pages on your website, including adding images and other files.
WordPress Page Editor Screen
...or create entirely new pages.
WordPress User Administration Screen
You can even allow users to register with your site, where they'll get a profile and you can use this info to keep them up to date with newsletters, surveys or provide them with thoughtful insites you come up with while standing in elevators!