Discounts for Locals, Non-Profits and Fellow Freelancers

There is little in this world that can match the idyllic nature of freelancing from your local cafe. Freelancing has afforded me just that, with much due respect to non-profits like WordPress who’ve donated a multitude of resources to make my life easier. And I may be a romantic, but I still believe that a little giving back goes a long way. All of this in mind, I’m happy to offer a 10% discount to non-profits, local businesses and fellow freelancers.

Sweatin’ the Details

Truth be told, I’d rather be sweatin’ to the oldies, but in this day and age, everything comes with an asterisk, so here goes. “Locals” equates to a small business located in the City of Pittsburgh. “Non-profits” are the 501(c)(3) types with a mission I personally believe in. “Freelancers” refers to self-employed folk like myself, but not necessarily pharmaceutical reps, independent lawyers or money launderers. ClickNathan reserves the right to not give people discounts for whatever reason, including bad hair days, rivaling ninja clans or global warming.

Collaboration Discount

I build all of my sites to suit each of my clients particular needs. I don’t use templates built by other companies, and I typically don’t even work for clients who are using said templates. That said, not everyone can afford my full price rates. In particular, I’m thinking of garage bands, starving artists, and their ilk. However, these are often the most interesting sites to make for me, so I’ve come up with a two prong solution.

$999 Forage Websites

The Lowdown: You get a professionally designed website, including largely custom design, baked in SEO, and WordPress as a Content Management System behind it all. In exchange, I get to flex my creative muscles a little more freely than usual. Here’s what it looks like (though this is just one example of the possibilities Forage holds):

screenshots of my $999 Forage site.
Forage sites start at $999, or $1499 for e-commerce included.

More details at

Full Collaboration Projects, $0

The Lowdown: You’re a band, photographer, painter or other type of artist. You want a truly kick ass site but don’t have the truly kiss ass amount of money it would take to get one of these. Therefore, we work together to design the perfect site, and you’re left with a great site that fits your needs. Essentially, we’ll be using our combined knowledge and talents to create the perfect type of website for your particular situation (ie, the perfect photography site, band website, etc.)

The Details:

  • This is only available to artists, and I have complete discretion over who I choose to work with on these projects.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the design, but I will have final say on any design and development implementation decisions. Your primary role will be to act as a consultant, informing me of which features are useful to people in your line of work and which aren’t.
  • The catch here is that we’re not designing the site just for you, but we’re designing a site “theme”, which I can then resell to others in your position. What I sell the theme for will be dependent on how much time I put into it, and I’ll keep all proceeds from those sales. Of course, your particular name or logo won’t be included on the theme’s I sell, they’ll be customized by the purchaser to their needs.

If you’d like to know more, contact me.