How much website do I need?

First thing’s first – your website doesn’t define your business, it’s the other way around. So there’s no need to have a full-on ecommerce site if you’re just looking to inform people. Likewise, if you sell a unique item but locally you’re not doing that well, perhaps you could find a better market on the Internet.

Different types of websites:

  1. Informational. These sites are purely informational and serve to give you an online presence or promote your store. This type of site includes “brochure”-style websites, blogs and the combination of the two
  2. Ecommerce. These sites allow users to purchase goods or services.
  3. Entertainment. These sites use games, movies or music to draw visitors.

Your business may fit neatly into one of these groups or need to be a mixture of two or more – luckily, custom-tailored is my favorite hyphenated word!

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