How much do I want to be involved?

If you’re not willing to put the time that it takes into an e-commerce site (processing shipments, fielding customer questions, etc.) or you can’t update a blog on a daily basis, you need to admit it. A website can be a major time-saver, or it can be an inflated burden. Figuring out which is going to apply to you is key.

I can help you sort through these things with a simple phone call, but before we take the almighty step to actual human-to-human interaction, consider this:

Managing a website can be complicated. What’s an ALT attribute? How much bandwidth does my host allow? What does mailto: have to do with SPAM? Where do you put the stamp on an email? If any of this makes sense to you, you might be ready to put the effort in that’s required to deal with a large-scale site. If not, maybe a more simple, brochure-style approach is more appropriate to get things started.

But even if you’re not ready to go big time yet, the beautiful thing about the way I design and develop sites is that they’re ever-extensible. Pay for what you need today, let that site take off and start becoming an asset, and tomorrow we can expand the site into what you really want.