How much does a new website cost?

“Website” is a pretty general term. There are a plethora of different kinds, and so the question at hand is similar to “How much does a new house cost?” It’s all about figuring out what you need, what you want, and where “what you can afford” fits in.

To give you an idea though, working with me the average cost of a website is anywhere from $999 – $4950*. Depending on your needs or how much you’ve prepared, you might see your own price tag a good deal greater or possibly even lower.

The following gives you some general information, but complete details on my latest pricing can be found here.

Working with a smaller budget? For $999 you can get my Forage offering, what I believe to be the absolute best prebuilt WordPress theme on the market. It’s 15 years of experience wrapped up into one beautiful, customizable but not bulky, and of course blazing fast and SEO-backed website package.

screenshots of my $999 Forage site.
Forage sites start at $999, or $1499 for e-commerce included.

If you’re serious about building an amazing presence on the web though, my custom design & development packages start from $4950, which includes:

  1. Custom design, with unlimited revisions during the design process
  2. A complete Content Management System, built on the open-source power of WordPress
  3. Your site built using state of the art technologies such as HTML5, CSS and PHP
  4. Plenty of nifty, defacto standards such as a site search, galleries, slideshows, video and/or contact forms
  5. Web Standards (ie, the piece of mind that your site will work across all of the major browsers, platforms and devices)
  6. Accessibility, so that as many people as possible can view your site
  7. Easy newsletter management by integrating with MailChimp
  8. Blogging capabilities so you can create the content necessary to get yourself found on Google
various screenshots of absolutely gorgeous websites designed by the dashing, brave and adventurous Nathan Swartz :)

Other features can be implemented where useful to your site’s goals. Some of those include

  • Forums for around $1500
  • E-commerce from $500 – $2000
  • Simple PayPal Integration (or better yet, Stripe!) from $250
  • Reviews, coupons and other incentives for people to visit your website, sometimes at no additional charge

And of course, any custom functionality that you might need can be accommodated.

* Keep in mind that every project has different requirements and that these prices are subject to change at any point, so please do contact me to get an exact quote! The $4950 reflects a 10% discount that most of my clients qualify for, but is based off of my actual default price of $5500.

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