What’s Included with Your Websites?

When you purchase my custom web design & development services, you’re getting the full shebang. Well, almost. Here’s what you will get, followed by what you won’t.

  1. Custom Design, including unlimited revisions during the design process.
  2. Web Standards Development, which means your site will:
    • work in all of the major browsers
    • be responsive, ie. have a mobile version built right in
    • have advanced social networking features built right in, including OpenGraph tags so you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed on Facebook, Google+ and company
    • be naturally search engine friendly, including simple built in tools to help you organically improve your position with Google
    • be accessible to users who require a screen reader
  3. A Content Management System, ie. WordPress, so you can update your site’s content. Create and manage pages, run a blog, upload files, and much more.

Want more info on pricing? Everything you need to know about web design pricing for all budgets is here.

I also offer additional services as well, such as hosting, e-commerce and search engine optimization, but what’s listed above is the complete kit for my informational sites.

Interested? Just get in touch!