A Better Pittsburgh, A Better World

The triangle of Pittsburgh was once one of the most dismal places to live in all of America, the sting of hot metal clanging molten into a choking wave of black skyline, some realization of the underworld portrayed in the Lord of the Rings movies. America, and much of the world, was built here, pumped out in steel girders and fueled by surrounding coal towns, and our city paid the price for it. But that was decades ago, and many of us who live here now weren’t even born then.

Today, Pittsburgh’s skyline shines out with modern skyscrapers that reflect the lush green hills of Mt. Washington, the South Side Slopes, and the North Hills. Our skies are as blue as a bird, even when stuffed with fluffy clouds that remind us that overcast doesn’t have to mean pollution. It’s an entirely new world, one where industry had done its massive damage to the land until the residents turned to nature to help them renew it. Because of our history and our present life, I feel that we’re an example of an ever-evolving American way of life, one that is moving away from using the Earth until it’s expired and learning that living along side of our natural surroundings, rather than bulldozing them over, is a healthier, happier way to be.

One person may not be able to change the world, but each of us can change ourselves and just maybe that will set an example for one more person to do so as well, and so on and so on. But for those organizations that dedicate themselves to not only changing the individual, but spreading the word to the masses, I cannot have more respect.

But respect is all well and good, however it doesn’t necessarily get much done. That’s why I’d like to extend my services at a discounted rate to any organization who is devoted to making Pittsburgh a better place, and at either a discounted rate or completely free, depending on the organization’s cause, their needs, and of course my availability (I still need some time to enjoy all of these things that you’re working for.)

If any organization (whether in Pittsburgh or beyond) that feels they fit the above bill is in need of any Web design services, please do contact me.

Sorry to get all legal: ClickNathan, LLC. reserves the right to determine the given discount, if any, and to decide which organizations qualify.