Pittsburgh – Think Globally, Web Design Locally!

Pittsburgh, PA

Hello fellow Pittsburghers, I’m Nathan Swartz, local Web Designer for hire, and I specialize in building customized, appealing, and easy to use website for local businesses. I’ve lived among these Allegheny Mountains all of my life most of my life (I travel quite a bit now) and have watched the industry and technology change and grow here. I buy my family’s clothes, food and toys from local businesses and try to be as active in the community as possible. Pittsburgh is an amazing cluster of small towns all brought together by a few complicated streets, our three rivers, and what makes us particularly special – a good sense of hometown pride.

Though the Internet makes the world smaller and smaller everyday, it’s still important that we remember that our neighbors are the people we live with in the real world – and to keep this beautifully real world of Pittsburgh a viable community we need to support eachother. So while the sites I build are poised to compete on a global scale at times, I always strive to keep the relationships I build with my clients a very local, very real experience.

Okay, already, enough with the yinzers, what do you actually do?

Well, I build handmade websites. And what, exactly, does “handmade websitesâ€? mean, you ask? Well, it ensures that your website will have been lovingly fashioned from scratch using XHTML, CSS & PHP, with all of the coding painstakenly carved by hand and graphics meticulously cooked up to order. And whether you’re in the Pittsburgh area or otherwise, I’d love to make a site for you!

Curious about what all goes into getting a new website? I provide a ton of information, absolutely free, so you know what to expect.

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