North Meditation: E-commerce Results from ClickNathan

North Meditation is one of those companies I absolutely love to work with.

The owner has a vision bigger than just profits. They sell a product that improves the lives of others. And when it comes to working together, it’s a two way street full of ideas.

We released the new version of North Meditation in April of 2015. Here’s what it looked like around the time of release:

north meditation screenshots

This was a major redesign. The old site was put together with HTML pages using PayPal to allow people to buy one item at a time. We did .htaccess redirects, but also major organizational upgrades and nearly every page’s URL changed drastically. This was concerning to everyone, indeed, but by the holiday season things had picked up significantly. So what were the final results?

Increase in traffic
Increase in individual users

Folks are spending more time on individual pages, but completing purchases 25% faster! Both of those are great, if you were wondering. 🙂

There have been many tweaks to the site since launch to improve performance, and thanks to the site being backed with WordPress, this is relatively easy for North Meditation to do, resulting in an average of 7% increase in traffic every month. Outside of the holiday season, the old site was actually seeing as much as a -11% drop in visitors some months.

The biggest impact for us, without a doubt, was the time we gained back from outsourcing the website design and major maintenance to CickNathan. North Meditation

This just goes to show that when you take your business acumen and combine it with the right design and backend tech, improvements are just a matter of time away. Continuing to improve on a regular basis on those initial efforts only increases the results.

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