HTML5 LogoHypertext Markup Language, or HTML, has been powering the Internet for just about as long as there’s been a “Web”. Just as CSS is responsible for handling how your site looks, HTML’s primary role is to provide the actual content: your text, photographs, links and videos. That distinction is important, because in the wonderful world of Web Design, we make a concerted effort to differentiate between content and styling. This makes it easier to update sites in the future, but also plays a role in SEO, mobile compatibility and is just all around good practice.

HTML5 is the latest iteration of the markup language, and ever site that I create takes as full advantage of HTML5 as is practical at the moment. There are tons of new features in HTML5, but not all of them have been implemented by browsers just yet. The good news is, building with HTML5 right now will still work even in browsers that don’t support it–they’ll just display fallback solutions–and so we can build a site that works well now, and even better a year from now.

I write about HTML5, CSS3, WordPress and loads of other Web Design related topics over at my Pittsburgh Web Design Blog. And whether you’re in Pittsburgh or elsewhere, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss getting an HTML5 site of your very own!