Privacy Policy for

I have absolutely no interest in collecting any information about you. I don’t collect any personal info about you using fancy tracking techniques or secret alien ninja spies. In fact, the only way that I can ever know anything about you is if you volunteer me the info, whether through my contact form or my blog (your email address, IP address, and whatever else you choose to share comes my way when you post a comment or use the contact form). But as far as that information, I give you my word as a gentleman and scholar that I would never share it with or sell it to anyone.

I also collect non-identifying, computer generated information via Google Analytics, purely for the purposes of knowing how many people are coming to my site, where they’re coming from, what browsers they’re using, etc. It doesn’t tell me your name, email address or any other personally identifying information.

At times you may have a cookie dropped on you, only for the purpose of remembering your login information on the site and never to collect any other personal info.

Also, the typical legal stuff applies, such as: this privacy policy can change at a moments notice and without a whim of concern for the state of affairs in Southern Australia or elsewhere; nothing written here can be taken literally because nothing is real as long as the Matrix exists; and finally, have you ever jumped the entire way over the flagpole in Super Mario Bros.? If so, can you let me know about it.