Simple, Lightning Fast WordPress Web Hosting for $500 / year

Plus free WordPress Updates!*

* Free updates only included if I also built your site and installed the plugins that need updated.

For those clients who don’t have a clue what “web hosting” means, don’t need CPanel access, and who would like high end hosting at a discounted rate, is now offering simple, no frills hosting for $500 / year. Your website will be hosted on a WP Engine server, and I fully recommend them if you’d like to purchase and maintain your own hosting account!

Now including free SSL certificates!

  • Insanely fast, cached and optimized hosting built especially for WordPress (the platform you log into to update your website).
  • Hack-free Guarantee. Your site will be constantly monitored for potential threats and if your site ever does get hacked, I will make sure it’s fixed ASAP, completely free!
  • Free SSL Certificate, giving your site the “padlock” icon, i.e. https instead of plain ol’ http, adding security for your site’s visitors and additional SEO benefits.
  • 3GB premium storage, with your files and database backed up nightly to avoid any data loss. 10GB total storage can be purchased for an additional $120 / year.
  • Unlimited network transfer so you can handle bursts of traffic (you ended up on Digg did you?) easily.
  • 16,000 visits per month are included, with additional upgrade options, so your site can grow right alongside your business.
  • SFTP Access to your site’s files, allowing you to edit anything you might need to, or just grab a file off the server when it’s convenient.
  • What Isn’t Included: This hosting plan does not come with any control panel login, nor does it come with 24/7 support from myself, however you will be provided with an email address where you can send a request 24/7 and your issue will be resolved as quickly as possible. All other support requests are handled 9-5 weekdays. There is also no email service included. You’ll need to setup your email via your domain name registrar or Google’s Gsuite offering, and I can help facilitate that for you at no additional cost on my end.

Compare Hosting Plans

Average Hosting Plans Hosting with ClickNathan
Price $72 / year for low end hosting, $300 / year for high end WP Engine hosting $500 / year
Server Type You share a server with 100s or 1000s of other customers Your server is specifically optimized to be used with WordPress
Bandwidth 1 – 25GB / month Unlimited
Email 99 – 999 addresses, you set it up yourself No email included
Setup Do it yourself ClickNathan takes care of everything
Support Hours spent on the phone or days waiting for email replies explaining how you fix the problem yourself ClickNathan takes care of all support-related issues
WordPress Updates Do it yourself Security updates are handled automatically, and on request staging makes it easy to test and do major updates yourself. Additionally, if I also built your site, all WordPress updates, and any plugins that I’ve installed as part of your site’s build are updated for free. Additional plugin updates, if they require me to go in and troubleshoot, are handled at my hourly rate.
Backups It’s your responsibility to backup your site, or pay an additional fee per month to do so Automatic backups created everyday, and restoring them is an email away
Caching & CDNs Spend days trying to configure a caching service and pay extra for a CDN Automatic caching and CDN access available, so your sites are just plain super fast
Visitors Limited by your data transfer limits, and typically any spikes over a few thousand visitors at once will bring your site down 16,000 visits per month with available upgrade options when necessary. Your server responds to traffic spikes as appropriate.
SSL Certificates $79 / year or more FREE!

Interested? Just give me a shout and we’ll get you setup.

For complete details on the scope of support covered by ClickNathan Hosting Plans, see here.