ClickNathan Hosting: Scope of Support

The following document outlines the scope and limitation of support for hosting plans with By nature, web hosting is a combination of client actions and provider ( service, it is necessary to define all interested parties and the specific support provided by to you as the customer. Please review this document. Any questions can be directed to

For information on refunds and cancellations, click here. Hosting Service


DNS zone file.
DNS zone files translate your IP address to your domain name. I will setup the most common zone files for you, typically www. and your default domain name.
Operation of common services.
We will monitor and make sure that basic services are working for your account, including CDN (if requested), SSL (if purchased), web serving, SFTP and access to MySQL via PHPMyAdmin (upon request).
Software versions.
ClickNathan will assume responsibility for a working version of PHP and MySQL on your server, and control the version(s) available on your server. We will maintain a best practice to ensure that our software is secure and free of exploits and vulnerabilities. Therefore, the versions deployed on your server may not always be the latest available, but instead will be the latest stable releases as determined by
Hardware. does not own the hardware your website’s files and databases are physically located on. His agreement with the hardware provider ensures that this hardware is, however, maintained and operating.

Customer responsibility:

Internet Training.
I do not provide extensive information regarding basic Internet concepts such as using SFTP, though how to use your website’s WordPress interface is part of what you initially paid me for when I built your website. That’s assuming I did build your site. If you had your site designed or developed elsewhere, it’s your responsibility to know how your site works.
Data Backup. backs up all of your website’s files and your database daily. If you would at any time like a previous version of your site restored, just shoot me an email and I’ll have it restored as soon as possible.
DNS/Domain names.
While pointing your domain name at your server is typically a service provided by in association with the purchase of a Website Design and Development package, it is dependent on your domain name provider having an interface that allows this. Changes to your DNS, such as to setup a Google Business Account or to create subdomains, are not included in the annual hosting fee and will be charged hourly.
Email client configuration. hosting does not provide email services. This means you’ll need to set your email up through your domain name registrar or a third party service like Google Apps for Work. Help setting up email is charged additionally, at my current hourly rate.
SFTP client configuration.
If you choose to use the SFTP access provided via your hosting account, it is your responsibility to know how to set this up properly. Login info for SFTP will only be supplied upon request, and beyond that, you are responsible for all things SFTP access. Note that any errors caused by modifying files on your server via SFTP or by any other method taken by you as the customer is not covered under this scope of support. I’m happy to restore your site to a previous backup for free, or to fix things otherwise at my hourly rate.
Scripts and Applications.
It is your responsibility to ensure that any software on your website, whether initially installed by as part of a Web Design & Development package or installed by yourself, be up to date. You are fully responsible for ensuring that your website’s scripts and files are up to date, including any installations of WordPress on your server. can perform these updates to non-3rd party software (that is, software installed by as part of a Web Design & Development package) for an hourly fee. Free updates to your WordPress installation and any plugins I’ve installed are now included in hosting fees for those clients who I’ve also built their website.
SSL configuration. supports SSL certificates. There is no additional fee for me to set this up, however SSL certificates cost $49 / year.

It is important to note that Web Design & Development services provided by are independent from Hosting services, and any alterations you make to your website that affect it’s performance or availability are your responsibility. These actions might include adding 3rd party plugins or code not developed by ClickNathan, or editing files on your server or your database. Simply by being your hosting provider, does not immediately assume responsibility for technical problems with your website as a result of direct or indirect action on your part. All software that was part of the original build will be kept up to date on your server, and requests to have additional software updated by can be made via email, and are billable at our current hourly rate.

It is important for customers to note that when initially delivers hosting service, it has been pre-tested to be in 100% working condition.

Whenever possible, makes every effort to support hosting customers. If at any time support is offered that is outside of the scope of this document, it is either provided as a courtesy for free, or the customer will be notified of any related charges associated with the support prior to providing said support. If free support is offered that is outside of the scope of this document, it is not to be considered precedent for future instances where out-of-scope support requests are made.

When in doubt, feel free to open a support request, even if you don’t know whether it’s covered by the scope of support outlined here. Support requests can be emailed to or, for urgent support requests, via the Web Hosting Support Form here. Even if you submit a request for something that isn’t covered, you will simply be notified of that and available options. It never hurts to ask!

Also note that is a reseller of Flywheel hosting accounts and does not own or claim to own the servers themselves. This service is also not recommended to users who wish to have full control over and access to their hosting account. It is primarily for clients of who don’t wish to have to worry about setting up and maintaining their own hosting account with a primary provider.

Cancel Your Hosting Account

Customers can cancel their hosting account at any time. Simply contact us here, by phone at 412 498 6792 or via email at

If you cancel your account by contacting us in any of these ways before the start of your next billing cycle, 100% of the next bill will be refunded. Additionally, cancelling prior to 24 hours Monday – Friday will prevent your payment method on file from being charged at all.

No refunds will be issued for cancellation during the billing cycle. All payments are for one year of hosting and no prorated or partial refunds will be granted.