Give Someone Access to Your GoDaddy Account

When it comes time to put your site live, you’ll need to point your domain name to your new server.

If you’d prefer to let a pro take care of it, you can allow them into your account without giving out your GoDaddy login details. GoDaddy calls this “delegating access”, and here’s how to set it up:

1. Login to GoDaddy and go to your account.

From there, you’ll see an Account Settings dropdown, from which you choose Delegate Access.

GoDaddy My Products screen
In your GoDaddy account, choose Delegate Access from the Account Settings dropdown.

2. On the right, if you’re on a desktop machine, is the box People who can access my account.

Click the button there.

click Grant Access
Click Grant Access.

3. Enter the details of your developer.

Enter their name and the email address associated with their GoDaddy account. My info is below. You can choose which level of access to give them, but I find that most clients need to give me full access, particularly if they want help setting up email addresses. Even DNS changes can be funky if you don’t provide full account access.

manage products and purchases in GoDaddy
Enter their details, and choose an account access level.

Once you’ve done that, the other person will receive an email to accept access and can then log in to their own GoDaddy website and take care of the business at hand.

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