How to Setup an A Record in GoDaddy when you Host with WP Engine Hosting

So you’ve got your brand new WP Engine hosting account and need to point your domain name with GoDaddy to your new server, eh?

Here’s exactly how to do it.

Get the DNS Info from WP Engine

The first thing you’ll want to do is login to your WP Engine account, click on Installs near the top of the page, and then make sure the site you want to work with is chosen. That should put you on the Overview page.

So if I were working with my domain name, it would look like this:

WP Engine Overview Page
From here, we can get the information we need.

What you specifically need is your IP Address. In the image above, it would be

Copy that number, aka your IP Address.

Add the A Record in GoDaddy

Next up, login to GoDaddy and click on My Account. You should see a screen like this:The My Account screen in GoDaddy

Click Domains and then Manage DNS next to the domain name you want to work with. Now you should see this:

GoDaddy DNS records

You want to click the edit / pencil icon to the right of the first, A record.

Host stays as @, and Points to should be that IP Address you got from your WP Engine account.

For TTL, choose Custom and enter 600 into the Seconds field. Click Save and you’re good to go.

DNS can take up to a couple of days to propagate around the world, but these days it’s closer to an hour or two.

A good website for checking which parts of the world your DNS records have been updated in is What’s My DNS? Just type in your website’s address and it’ll tell you what IP addresses are coming up around the world.

Set Your Domain Name Up in WP Engine

Back in your WP Engine account, click the Domains link on the left side of the screen. You’ll get a page like this:

WP Engine Domains tab
This is where you tell WP Engine about your domain name.

More info on this screen is available here.

Once propagation has completed, your domain name will now point to your new WP Engine server!

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