How to Take Your Store International

Running a Woocommerce store where you’ve currently been restricting sales to your home country? Ready to go international?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Add the Countries to Which You’d Like to Sell and Ship

Head on into WordPress and then navigate to Woocommerce > Settings.

screenshot of where to navigate

Under the General tab, in a section similarly titled General Settings, look for this set of options:

screenshot showing the General Settings options which allow you to select countries you'll sell to

Selling location(s) Here we can choose which countries we will sell to, choose all countries, or choose all countries and then specify some which we do not want to sell to.

When you change this, so will your options in the Sell to specific countries field change.

Then for the Shipping location(s), you have the same set of options. Just complete these fields and click Save Changes to be on your way.

2. Setup Shipping Zones

Next up, navigate to the Shipping tab on that page.

screenshot of the shipping tab in Woocommerce settings, highlighted

You’ll see a table something like this (if you’ve already set some options up):

screenshot of the shipping zones page in Woocommerce

How to setup shipping guides is covered on this site here.

Once your shipping zones are setup, you can go to

3. Setup Taxes for International Orders

You may need to charge tax for international orders, in which case you can follow along here on how to do that.

4. Ensure Your Payment Methods Support Those Countries

While payment processors like Stripe only restrict the seller when it comes to which countries can sign up, other processors, such as PayPal, may limit the customer from creating an account in order to checkout. You’ll need to research your specific payment processor(s) to see what the limitations may be.

That’s it! You should be good to go to start selling to these new markets, best of luck!

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