How to Link Directly to Your MailChimp Signup Form

While you can add a newsletter signup form to your Forage or custom ClickNathan website, at times you may wish to link directly to the signup form provided by MailChimp.

To do this, we’ll need to get the location of your particular form. Here’s how to find that.

1. Login to MailChimp and click on the Lists navigation item.

login to mailchimp
In MailChimp, find the “Lists” link.

2. Next to the list you want to work with, click the down arrow and choose Signup forms

list settings dropdown
Choose “Signup forms”

3. Choose the General Forms option

general forms
Click “Select” next to the General Forms section.

4. Copy the contents of the “Signup Form URL” field


This is the link to the page where anyone can signup for your MailChimp newsletter.

5. Use that to link to your particular form

Which will take people to a page like this:

mailchimp newsletter signup form
You can link to this from anywhere, social networks, emails, your website, etc.

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