How to Reset Your WordPress Password so That It’s Strong and Secure

Having a weak password is one of the best ways to get your site hacked, cost you a ton of hair and money, etc. and so on.

Everyone knows this. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you but plenty of folks still pick up a pack of Marlboros everyday anyway.

If you’re finally ready to beef up the security of your WordPress site, it’s luckily as easy as WPie.

Firstly, log in to WordPress and look for the Users navigation item on the left, then choose Your Profile from the sub-nav.

partial screenshot of WP users navigation

Once you’re in there, scroll down to the Account Management section and click the Generate Password button.

WordPress will automatically create a strong password for you. You may not want to use this, as it’ll be next to impossible to remember. You can try and edit it if you’d like, and WordPress will tell you right there and then if it’s a strong password or not. For example:

very weak password in wordpress

strong password in wordpress

Interested in how you can have the best of both worlds? Easy to remember passwords that are also highly secure are completely possible, here’s how!

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