WordPress Plugin: Click Contact

Updated Feb 15, 2024

As simple a contact form plugin as you will ever find.

Create a single contact form that can be used — via the shortcode [click_contact] — anywhere on your website. No blocking stylesheets or scripts, and no jQuery at all.

Download Click Contact 1.0.2

What This Plugin Does

  • Create one, and one only, contact form on your website.
  • Saves entries as a post type called Leads.
  • Choose the email recipient and set the subject line
  • You have seven fields you can add.
    • All fields are customizable to a degree.
    • Five input fields, which are by default named:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Company
      • Phone
      • Email
    • A textarea field, named Message by default
    • A checkbox
    • You can customize each one, denoting their label, whether they’re required, and any relevant, associated error messages.
  • Integrate the form with your Akismet Key, if you’ve installed Akismet on your site.
    • Choose to filter messages via Akismet
    • Whether to still send the email, even if it’s SPAM
    • Whether to save the Lead entry, even if it’s SPAM
    • SPAM entries are marked with their own status, similar to how Drafts and Trash work
  • Choose whether users are directed to a specific page, or are shown a message on the same screen, upon form submission.
  • Uses valid, accessible and modern HTML and CSS throughout.
  • A basic, modern style — or override with your own styles. In either case, no stylesheets are added to your website, it’s all inline style tags in the head section.
  • Uses no jQuery on the front end at all.