WordPress Plugin: Click Modal

A simple way to create modal windows, done right.

Create one or a million modals, and without a lick of jQuery involved. This is not a robust, endlessly useful plugin form. It is incredibly barebones, intended for those websites that just need a contact form and nothing else. It is the opposite of bloated and complex, yet deceivingly powerful.

Download Click Modal 1.3.1

What This Plugin Does

  • Create a single, site-wide modal, or as many individual ones as you’d like, to display on your website’s front end.
  • These are post types, so the interface is familiar.
  • Choose to add your latest modal to every page, or use a shortcode to add different modals to different pages (or templates if you’re keen.)
  • Simple options to choose where the modal is positioned (top left, center, bottom right, right, etc.) and how many times it’ll appear (just once, once per user, etc.)
  • In addition to your modal’s content, options to display one or two buttons, whether to show a close button / “X”, and whether clicking outside of the modal hides it or not.
  • A basic, modern style — or override with your own styles. In either case, no stylesheets are added to your website, it’s all inline style tags in the head section.
  • Uses no jQuery on the front end at all.
  • New in v1.2:
    • Ability to completely hide a modal on any given page.
    • Added support for product post type.
  • New in v1.3: Added option to show the modal ‘every X days’
  • New in v1.3.1: CSS adjustments for mobile