WordPress Plugin: Click Optimize Woo

Woocommerce is a great way to build an e-commerce site that is more or less fully customizable by any handsome, affordable web developer.

Download Click Optimize 1.1

What This Plugin Does

  • Removes all Woocommerce styles on every page, including inline styles, so you can write your own.
  • Removes Stripe JS on product pages if you don’t have Apple Pay, Google Pay and Link buttons on those pages.
  • Removes all Woocommerce JS on every page except Checkout.
  • Removes regenerator-runtime, sourcebuster-js.js and wp-polyfill scripts.
  • Removes JQuery from every page except Checkout, though other plugins and themes may just enqueue it right back up.
  • Removes Woocommerce body classes.

Should I Use This Plugin?

Only if you:

  1. Really care about Google Pagespeed & Lighthouse scores, ranking higher in search results and your site’s visitors.
  2. Know you don’t need JQuery for anything else, which almost every plugin and theme does these days. And that is lame, because website performance matters.