WordPress Plugin: Click Optimize

WordPress doesn’t have to be slow.

This plugin has absolutely no settings, at least not yet. It’s primary goal is to prevent WP from adding a bunch of gunk to your site.

Download Click Optimize 1.3.5

What This Plugin Does

  • Removes a ton of little things from the head section of your site, including:
    • RSS feed links and extras
    • RSD link
    • The WP Generator tag
    • WLW Manifest Link
    • Rest output link
    • OEmbed discovery links
    • Emoji detection scripts – so you’ll need to paste in emojis, not use emoticons to simulate them
    • Remove the link to api.w.org
    • Remove the shortlink (ie, if you use permalinks, WP wants to export a link to ?p=123 in the head section)
    • Inline styles for comments
    • Google Site Kit generator tag
    • WP.com dns-prefetch
  • Deregisters jQuery and jQuery Migrate
  • If another plugin or theme enqueues jQuery, it will load jquery.min.js
  • Deregisters code for the WP Block Library – this means that you will have to use the Classic EditorĀ or write your own CSS styles for every Gutenberg block you intend to use

Why This Plugin?

A fresh install of WordPress, no plugins, nothing done to it, automatically creates a head section with 47 lines of code. That doesn’t include a title tag or any other code a theme may add, that’s just what WP spits out via wp_head.

If you’re using the Twenty Twenty Three theme, that number becomes 108. One hundred eight lines of code, before a single drop of page-visible content has been created. And no sir, I don’t like it.

Though please understand, IĀ love WordPress. I just want to make it better! And as a developer, and not a “theme putter-together” it’s my job to make the best website, for my clients, that I can.