WordPress Plugin: Click SEO

The simplest SEO plugin you’ll ever install.

This plugin is not for people who want to be told how to write a great article, or how to jam a million keywords into their content or have a bunch of smiley faces all red and orange telling them what they’re doing wrong. No, this plugin is for those who want to write great content that’s geared toward end users, and have the tools to make sure Google knows they’ve put in that effort.

Download Click SEO 1.1

What This Plugin Does

  • Removes authors from your wp-sitemap.xml file. This file can be used as your main sitemap for Google Search Console, and there’s really no reason to include author pages in that file.
  • Sets canonicals without you needing to mess with them. Attachment pages get their parent post/page as the canonical, and that’s primarily what this does for now. All other pages get their appropriate canonical as well. “Paged” pages are given the appropriate /paged/2 type canonical.
  • Allows posts to be marked as no index on a per post basis. Attachment and search results pages automatically get no indexed. max-image-preview is handled just as WP does natively.
  • Allows authors to manage their Title Tag (defaults to post title) and Meta Description (defaults to the excerpt) on a per post basis.
  • Handles category, tag, term, author, search results and other archives title tags and meta descriptions automatically, and provides a few options to manage these on your own as well.
  • Adds OpenGraph data automatically, or you can configure Title, Description and Image per post.
  • Redirects attachment pages back to their parent page.
  • As with all of my plugins, adds absolutely no jQuery or other front end code that will slow your website down.


  • Add a few more options to set defaults for:
    • OpenGraph
    • Allow attachment pages to exist
  • Create and possibly customize Schema Data
  • Import / use fields from other popular SEO plugins