Retainer Packages Available from ClickNathan

My hourly rate, as of September 1st, 2017, is $100 / hour, and for hourly work I charge per hour.

Existing clients can purchase a retainer–a certain number of hours up front–to reduce this cost. I have two retainer packages available:

10 hours @ $90 / hour. $900 total billed up front, billed in 30 minute increments. You save $10 / hour, but also much more as you’re billed to the half hour instead of the hour. So 20 minutes of work is billed as half an hour instead of the full hour.

25 hours @ $85 / hour. $2125 total billed up front, billed in 15 minute increments. You save 15% plus 10 minutes of work is billed as 15 instead of 30 or 60 as per the 10 hour and hourly pricing.

I offer retainers to simplify billing and back and forth emails between us, making my life easier and saving you money at the same time. Retainers also get you preferential service over folks who simply want to pay as they go, since you’re making a commitment to me, I do the same for you. Clients who request work on a retainer will typically see that work completed within two weeks, and often much more quickly.

I also offer monthly packages, depending on a specific number of hours you may require for regular, ongoing work. These can start from as little as 5 hours per month and get even bigger discounts than listed above, though require you to pay for two months in advance and provide one month notice if you’d like to cancel the monthly plan, which you can do at any time. Other than the one month notice required, there are no specific time frames or annual contracts or anything like that.


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