Web Design and Pittsburgh aside, I have a few other projects I’ve managed to complete over the years.

ClickNathan the Podcast

Give me GarageBand and a few hours to kill, and this is what I come up with. Two seasons, 11 episodes, infinite replay value.

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Lower We Go Down the Totem Pole

I was in a punk band when I was younger. Two actually, but the second one sucked really badly. I actually quit the band and didn’t tell anyone, so when a month later the drummer saw me at a party and told me I was out of the band for good, it was like having your girlfriend you want to dump break up with you: same good results, less of the jerk for it all. Anyway, I’ve been playing guitar for about 15 years…and as far as can be told on this record, it doesn’t show. Not recommended by many, but I had a lot of fun making it.

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A Maple on James

What I lack in musical ability, I feel I do make up for in my writing skills. I love to write, and have been doing so since at least fifth or sixth grade. This is one of two novellas I’ve written.

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1978 Volkswagen Champagne Edition Bus & 1976 Airstream Sovereign of the Road

I bought an old VW Bus, the hippie kind, and have been restoring it for the past few years. My family and I actually lived in it for almost a year, too, traveling around the country, breaking down, having grand adventures, and breaking down some more. We hop in and out of her as our travel plans dictate (currently spending 2016 in her down in Old Mexico.)

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Flash Cards

Multiple Choices is a text adventure game with a few images thrown in for fun. It was part of a failed project I had where I was going to make something fun–a game, album, podcast, puzzle, etc.–for every letter of the alphabet. I made one. It’s only kind of fun, but in my opinion, really funny. If you don’t laugh, we probably wouldn’t get along in a bar. Or a bar fight.

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