ClickNathan the Podcast

Season One

Episode 1: Bigfoot

The classic hit that started it all. Featuring Julius Sumnermiller on the microphone.

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Episode 2: The Longest Hat

The second in a series of hilarity, we talk anger, and hats.


Episode 3: Elfism

Corporate scandal, elves, dwarves, and that famous high calibre humor you’ve come to require.

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Episode 4: Sketch Me Nude

SFW, bitches. Meet Hawkie Bones, and other exciting adventures by way of #4!

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Episode 5: Boomshow

We’re trying to take the show to a much deeper level here, so hold your nose and get ready for a couple belly flops worth of interviews and sponsors!

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Episode 6: The Second Robot

An exciting array of sounds and commentary have brought us to this, the final episode in what has been a truly delicious ride. Thank you for your time, energy and hit points. (Note: Thanks to sponsors like Butter, this wasn’t the final episode! Hoorah!)

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Episode 7: Hottest Faces on Radio

Bonus Episode! The summer is starting to sizzle and so we’ve got a guest show on the normal show today where we completely reinvent the idea of television by “making it real” – you’ve heard of it before, but never seen it quite like this!

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Episode 0: The Pilot

Check it, it’s the pilot episode, from a time before when the actual episodes were recorded! Featuring a plug!

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Season Two

Episode 1: Random Kaleidoscope

Back after all these years, it’s a new introductory episode of the one, the only one, Episode 1, Season This One.

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Episode 2: I am Smoking

You knew it wouldn’t come back but thought that it would, and here it’s true. Let’s welcome that sweet good nicotine hero you’ve recently come to remember you loved, some interviews.

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Episode 3: Other Curables

I speak with none other than Barry n’ the Hatchet(s), followed by various other masterpieces. All around, a great episode for tuning into.

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