Lower We Go Down the Totem Pole

Lower We Go Down the Totem Pole Album Cover

The long awaited debut album from guitar owner and 50 States traveler Nathan Swartz. Written and recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this is sure to be the biggest record downloaded from this site all year!

Track Listing

  • All Good Times (1:29)
  • Laying Tape (2:00)
  • What Might’ve Been (2:11)
  • Fix this Father (1:24)
  • Pennsylvania (1:15)
  • Mountain Girl (2:14)

Download the Record for Free (20.3MB incl. Sleeve!)

If only there was a track 7 that was better than the first 6!Not in Rolling Stone Magazine

Definitely audible.Nathan Swartz

Get to the chopper!Gov. Arnold Swartzenegger