The Various Categories on this Blog

The blog section of this website doesn’t particularly follow a “format” – that is to say, it’s not a news blog, it’s not a podcast blog, nor do I feel that it is wholly a personal journal type of blog (though often, perhaps more often than not, it is just that.)

So I’ve used the Categories feature of WordPress (the software which runs my blog and, indeed, my entire site) to group the various posts into sections that people might find more appealing. They are as follows:

Combining Syllables – I fancy myself a writer, and these are my various stories, uncompleted novels, and observant bits of prose. Most people coming to this blog are here for this, I believe…

Contemplating Molecules – Thoughts on life and the universe from my brain to yours.

Hilarity Ensuing – Bits of whatnot I find funny and which don’t seem to fit into another category.

How-tos & Web Design (ing) – Thoughts and ideas on Web design (my profession) and how to do various things. Note that this category has been moved to it’s own blog at A Blog about Web Design.

Issues Confronting Us All – Social, economic and religious situations which I feel are particularly pertinently dangerous enough that I should share my views on them with the rest of the reading world.

Life Stylings – Basically, these are diary-type entries. Best read only if you know me or have time to waste wasting your time.

Links – Internet hyperlinks from my website to other destinations around the World Wide Web.

Media Hype – Audioposts from roadtrips, videos I’ve made and various assorted pictures can be found here.

Mine Nicotine – Quitting smoking…loving smoking…soon to feature the old Smoking Blog archives.

Miscellaneous Brilliant Notions – Ideas that I’ve had which I think are just the bees knees.

Musicala – mp3 links and other posts about bands, shows and music in general.

Paganathanism – I’ve made up my own religion. Think of these as the Bible (of it.)

Pittsburgh – Posts directly related to the city I love in, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Poetry – There’s no such thing as good poetry. That said, you can read mine here.

Quoting Me – Things I claim to have said.

Rants – The sound of anger escaping.

Ride Bikes – Two peddles, two wheels, too cool!

Roadtripping – I love going on roadtrips, and here’s the proof.

Tristan – That’s oldest my son’s name, and you’ll find cute pictures of and sayings by him on this website.

Wayward We Go – This is all types of variousness… my hopes, dreams, goals and plans all reduced to a simple WordPress category.