My SEO Philosophy

Focus 100% of your SEO efforts on creating great content that people want to read, listen to or watch. That’ll cover 80% of your SEO needs.

That’s it, no lengthy page here. If you still feel like you want that extra umph when it comes to climbing up the Google search results’ ladder, well you can pay someone to take care of it, but don’t lose focus on your goal: creating that content!

Well then, what should I pay someone to do?

Create an amazing site that presents your content in a professional way, backed by rock solid code. Take a look through some of these, for example.

If you don’t feel comfortable–or don’t have the time for–creating amazing content, find someone who can.

Or if you just need some free advice to get started, no problem. But of course, always feel free to get in touch with any questions.

If you do want to pay someone to go the extra level…

I just might be your guy