SEO Services

Okay, so you’ve read through my SEO advice and feel comfortable with my SEO philosophy, right? But you’re still thinking you need to do more with this. No problem, I can help.

Keyword Research

From $1500.

Not to be confused with Meta Keywords, keywords are the terms people enter into a search engine. How well your site matches up with these terms determines largely where you’ll rank in the results. With some input from you, I can research what keywords you might do better focusing on, and provide information about how to incorporate those into your content. Without sounding like a search engine robot’s hooker that is.


For $100 / hour (or about 2 – 4 average pages of content), I can revise your site’s copy to be more engaging and take better advantage of keyword placement. Keep your visitors coming back to read your new, engagingly wonderful content, and keep the search engines coming back to love indexing it all. You can even hire me to write your blog for you, and get all of the SEO benefit without taking up any of the time!

For from-scratch copywriting (that is, you don’t have anything for me to begin with), it’s closer to $100 – $200 / page as it can easily take an hour to research and write a page worth of content.

Press Release Backlinks

From $500.

I’m not that old, but I’m old enough to remember a time when press releases were the primary way of disseminating information, and that’s exactly the approach I take to building backlinks. I go out and find relevant blogs and news sites to your industry, and submit legitimate non-press release style emails to them. Nothing SPAMMY, nothing promising a link back in return or monetary compensation, just good old fashioned “Hey, here’s a site that’s relevant to you, care to review it?” type stuff. A friendly, personalized email asking them if they accept guest posts. The only way to do backlinks (outside of just letting them pour in, of course).

All of these services are based on your budget, and I charge hourly for each of them. My rate is $100 / hour. Contact me to learn more.