Content Creation: Your Content, My Words, Google’s Top Positions

So you’ve heard it time and again, “Content is King”. That is, the content of your site—your text, images, videos; anything you use to convey your message—is the most important piece of the puzzle both for attracting users (and getting them to hang around) and clueing Google in on how wonderful your site really is.

But not everyone can write elegantly, take beautiful photos and record a great video. Luckily, I can do all three, and know of some shortcuts to keep costs down as well.


You have the basic copy that you’d like to put on your site; I can transform it into something fun, easy to read, and engaging. Keyword integration so you attract Google, not sound like an SEO robot. I can give your site a “voice”, which is the way things are said, and keep that voice consistent across your website. So when people are reading all about your wonderful service, grand product or one-of-a-kind event, they’ll enjoy reading about it, and want to come back for more, even as they’re on their way to sign up or make a purchase.


Assuming you don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer, I have a multitude of resources available to get your site shining with just the right imagery to do the job. I use, where millions of beautiful, professional images can be discovered and purchased for just a couple of dollars each. I’ve also been opening up Photoshop on a daily basis for the past ten years, and can take just about any image you can produce on your own (ie, product shots or pictures from your last event) and at least bring them up to a presentable level, if not make them look downright gorgeous. The CMS I use, WordPress, also comes with built in tools to let you upload your own imagery in the future, whether I create it or someone else does.


Video is the most expensive and time consuming of all three mediums to create. Hiring a professional videographer and having them edit your video runs in the thousands or tens of thousands. Lucky for you, I began my career as an animator and graphic designer working for a television station, so if all you can afford is to shoot some video on your own, I can provide you with the basic knowledge you’ll need to get decent looking shots, and then I can add shiny graphics to polish it all off.