Social Networking

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There’s a lot going on with social networking these days. What began as a way for teenagers to interact with their favorite bands ten years ago has blossomed into full online communities, and whether you think social networks take away from real life interaction or you love checking Facebook on your phone every five minutes, if you’ve ever been online, you’ve experienced this phenomena at some point.

I offer a variety of resources to my clients to help with managing the whole social networking experience, from basic tools to full on management of their online presence.

Basic Social Networking Tools

There are two sides to the social networking coin: you reaching out to users, and trying to get users to reach out for you. Let’s look at both of them.

Make Social Networking Easy for You

Maybe you post to Twitter fifty times a day, maybe you don’t even know what a tweet is but think you need to be doing it. I can set your site up to automatically update your social networking pages for you, anytime you update content on your site. And while that personal touch that comes with having an actual human doing your social networking can’t be beat, letting your website do the heavy lifting for you is a great way to get started.

Word of Mouth – Crowdsource Your Advertising

Word of mouth, or on the Web, word of “click”, has always been the most effective means of advertising. You don’t pay anyone a dime to do it, and the people who are advertising for you are doing so to their friends and family, presumably who trust them. You want people to share your website address and content on Facebook, you want people to Tweet about how great you and your organization are, but getting them to do it…well, that’s another story.

The simplest measure that can be taken is to add sharing buttons to relevant areas of your site. You can see them here to the right of the page. You’ve certainly seen them everywhere, sometimes dozens on the screen at once cluttering up the content. That’s the fine line you have to walk: you’re attempting to provide users with a great experience that includes allowing them to easily share your content on their favorite social network, but you don’t want to distract them from the primary goals at hand.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help by making sure you’re focusing on the right networks, tastefully adding the sharing buttons, and never losing site of the main goal of a page just at the hope that someone will Like your site on Facebook.

Complete Social Networking Management

For those of you who do realize the importance of actively participating with your Facebook fans and Twitter followers, but don’t necessarily have the writing skills, technical ability, time or desire to be on those sites every day, I offer a great solution: have me do it for you.

I can manage your online presence, and in the manner that you’d like, whether that be fun and light or seriously corporate, so that when people try and contact you via Twitter, post to your Facebook page or network with you on LinkedIn, they’re not left endlessly in the dark without a reply.

You set the monthly budget, and I take care of the rest. That can be as little as $50 / month or as high as you’d like. Interested? Just let me know!