Conditional Statement to Detect if a User has a Subscription with Woocommerce Subscriptions

If you’re using the Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin, you may find it useful to have a conditional statement that would allow you to detect if the current user is a logged in subscriber with a subscription, whether that subscription is active, and what subscription level they have.

This is kind of built into the Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin, but it’s not elegant. If you want something a little more beautiful, add this to your functions.php:

function has_woocommerce_subscription($the_user_id, $the_product_id, $the_status) {
$current_user = wp_get_current_user();
if (empty($the_user_id)) {
$the_user_id = $current_user->ID;
if (wcs_user_has_subscription($the_user_id, $the_product_id, $the_status)) {
return true;

Now you can use this anywhere in your theme to check if the current user is a logged in subscriber with a Woocommerce Subscription attached:

if (has_woocommerce_subscription('','','')) {
// do something

Or if you want to check to see if the current user has an Active subscription:

if (has_woocommerce_subscription('','','active')) {
// this returns true if the user's subscription is Active

You can use the second parameter to check if they have a specific subscription. When you create subscriptions you do so by creating a Woocommerce product. That product will have an ID. You can find the ID by editing the product and looking in the address bar for ?post=123. Whatever the number is there in place of 123 is your ID.

So if we want to check if the current user has a Subscription with the Product ID of 10, we’d do this:

if (has_woocommerce_subscription('','10','')) {
// do something

Here we’ll use all of the parameters, first checking to see if a user with an ID of 4 has a subscription with a Product ID of 20 and that the subscription is Active.

if (has_woocommerce_subscription('4','20','active')) {
// This will only apply to the user with a User ID of 4, if they've purchased a subscription with a Product ID of 20, and if that subscription is currently Active

Would additional functions be useful? Let me know if you’ve got any thoughts in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!


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