Introducing Defensive Drivers Discount

I launched Defensive Drivers Discount today, a website dedicated to helping motorists in the State of New York save 10% on their insurance premiums, maybe even drop a few points from their record.

screenshot of Defensive Driver Discount website

You may, particularly if you’re a New Yorker, be interested in giving the site a whirl, but here we’ll simply be focusing on the tech behind the site.


These guys are not the first players to show up for this particular game. They’ve already got a bunch of competition, and though they’ve been offering the classroom courses for some time, they’re the new guys on the block with regards to their online course offerings. So to begin setting them up with an edge over the competition, we went a completely different route with the design than their competitors, all of whom have adapted a very “infomercial” style of design. That is, they cram as many graphics, calls to actions and whoopy-de-dos into their sites as possible.

We opted for a sleek, fun look intended to put the site at the forefront of anyone who’s searching around the for the best deals. Big, obvious buttons to help you achieve your goals. Easy to read, clarified text. And as little “but wait, there’s more!” as I could manage.


The usual stuff here: retina-ready graphics built on the SVG format, responsive CSS3 for a great experience whether you’re on a big ol’ wide screen or tablet or mobile device, and of course solid HTML5 driving it all home.

And as with nearly all of my websites, it’s powered by WordPress and a custom theme based on my WPly framework.


A custom calculator is included on the site’s homepage and throughout other sections of the site which allow users to enter in their monthly payment and quickly get an idea of how much they could save over three years by taking the course.

There’s also a map you can easily use to find a classroom setting near you, if you’re not the online course type.

All around, this site was a joy to create and turned out really well. With a good deal of content creation, and perhaps some customization to their actual online course, I can see these guys running the show when it comes to delivering this course within a year.

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