What to Do About Google’s “Fix mobile usability issues…” Email

This offer is no longer valid, though I’d be happy to discuss your project. Just get in touch.

If you’ve received an email from Google recently that reads:

Fix mobile usability issues found on http://yourwebsite.com/

…you may be scratching your head as to what this all means. Well, in as simple terms as possible, Google is saying “A lot of people are browsing the web from phones these days, and we want to make sure we’re showing them sites that are easy to read on phones.”

Some reports are stating as much as 60% of traffic on the web is now driven by mobile devices. These numbers vary drastically by region and industry, but my own clients see about 30% of their traffic from phones and tablets and that number is ever-increasing.

Any website built in the last year or two really should have been built based on a new web standard known as Responsive Design. This means your site displays beautifully and is as easy to use for your visitors whether they’re on a massive 32″ desktop display or a tiny iPhone 4. It’s not just “oh, it’s nice for a website to have a mobile version” anymore, Google is saying that it’s a requirement.

Good news! Fixing the mobile usability issue is pretty simple.

For a limited time, I’m offering a 20% discount on new Complete Web Design Projects. Specifically, through April 20th, 2015, I will extend this discount to all new sites that I both design and develop. The typical costs for these are $3750 for an informational site, $5750 for an e-commerce store. With the discount applied, you’ll be looking at $3000 and $4600 respectively. Update: This post is out of date. Please see my pricing page for latest info on rates.

That doesn’t just get your existing site ready for mobile, that gets you an entirely new website, built from the ground up, just for you.

Custom Web Design

Specifically tailored to your business’ needs, with unlimited revisions during the design process, all of my sites look great because I work directly with you to make sure the best final product is setup for success right from the design phase.

Web Standards Development

Your site will meet every single web standard out there today. From HTML5 and CSS3 to SVG and optimized images. Responsive design, of course, but also built in SEO tools, and advanced social media like Twitter Cards and Open Graph data, Schema.org microdata, Google+ Authorship…even accessibility concerns for readers who require a screen reader to access the web will all be baked right in.

Fast, optimized sites that Google loves, and users find incredibly easy to use.

WordPress as a Content Management System

Finally, behind it all is the world’s most popular, open-source CMS, WordPress. You’ll be able to login to your site and do everything from manage your site’s pages, navigation, and blog to uploading files and getting info on who’s visiting your site and where they’re going.

Sound like a better plan than being wiped off of the face of Google? Contact me!

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